Jun 092017

In my 40 plus years as an industry professional, I have dealt with a lot of software development companies. In my opinion, Robert Proctor and his team at Multisoft are the best. They have the industry knowledge, the software framework and the skill sets that every new startup company needs in order to have a successful launch and ongoing support. If you are looking for a software company that can fill your needs, Multisoft is the one! I highly recommend them!

Jim Britt
Vitae Global, LLC
Jun 092017

The Sheffield Group is the leading direct sales consulting firm having served nearly 1,000 client companies over the last 30 years. We have a number of our clients that have selected MultiSoft as their software provider. While we have worked with multiple software companies over the years, MultiSoft has demonstrated a level of professionalism for our clients that is exceptional. President Robert Proctor seems to always take a personal interest in the on-boarding and ongoing success of his clients. The company’s customer services are the best we have experienced. While not every MLM software company fits every business model, I highly suggest you give this company special attention as you do your due diligence. This is one of the most important decisions you will make. We will continue to give high marks to MultiSoft as a potential candidate for our own startup clients, as well as established direct sales and MLM companies.

Mike Sheffield
The Sheffield Group
Jun 092017

During the last several years, we have come to recognize Multisoft as a superb partner in the area of technology solutions. As a legal advisor to many major direct selling companies, we have applauded their commitment and service to our clients.

Jeffrey Babener
Legal counsel to leading direct selling companies in the U.S. and internationally

Jun 092017

I have had an ongoing business relationship with MultiSoft Corporation and its President, for over 6 years. MultiSoft and I have collaborated together on many different MLM projects for the purpose implementing commission payment platforms for our mutual clients. I can say from experience that he takes a direct and personal interest in the company’s clients and strives to ensure that MultiSoft provides only the highest quality of service and support.

PayQuicker made the decision to partner with MultiSoft because our mutual principles of marketplace integrity, delivering extraordinary value to clients, and delivering leading-edge technology solutions for the Direct Selling industry make this partnership an ideal match. Their process of on-boarding of our mutual clients is the smoothest we have experienced in the industry as their MarketPowerPRO single source MLM Software is a “once and done” for all of our clients. MultiSoft does not charge any setup fees to our clients as their “when you win, we win” approach to business has served them well for over 30 years.

Our partnership increases the ease with which direct selling organizations can expand globally and create happy distributors. We’ve had great success so far and MultiSoft has become PayQuicker’s fastest growing referral partner. With only good things to say about him and MultiSoft, we would highly recommend you look into what MultiSoft can offer your business.

Mark Hughes
Jun 092017

I have had the pleasure to work with Multisoft and grow our partnership over the last three years. They are dedicated to their customers as well as partners and do everything they can to help them be successful. From a partners perspective their team has been great to work with in all aspects from sales, marketing, project management, and leadership. I look forward to the future and continued growth of our partnership.

Colt Passey
Jun 092017

As a senior direct selling company executive, I’ve worked with many of the industry software providers over the years and Multisoft is the best of the best. Their commitment to customer support is unparalleled!

Monte Taylor
MTE, Inc.
Jun 092017

Pros: Mobile Friendly, Scales well, lots of features, responsive support team.

Cons: First learning the system takes effort, it isnt super intuitive

Overall: We chose Multisoft’s Market Power Pro early as a partner and they were upfront about their model, costs, limitations, and strengths. I am very pleased we went with Market Power Pro. They helped us plan from the beginning and they have been our software partner since the beginning of our company. They are responsive to our needs and their support team works very quickly to resolve any issue we have. If I had to start all over again, I would make Market Power Pro one of the first phone calls we made to get going. I am glad to have their partnership in our business.

Josh Flood
Pay Yourself First
Jun 092017

It is a real privilege to work with a professional and dedicated business such as Multisoft. The management and staff have worked diligently with us right from the very beginning. As with any business that is just getting off the ground there are always things that arise that were not anticipated or foreseen. Robert Proctor and his staff at Multisoft were right there the whole time offering solutions and assisting the process of working through every issue.

I can’t say enough about the Market Power Pro software. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The support ticket system is efficient with fantastic follow up by the staff. I truly believe that our business would not be what it is without our partnership with Multisoft and the Market Power Pro software. This truly is the answer for today’s Multi Level Marketing business.

Wally Lumley
Marketing Powerhouse

Apr 132015

‘MultiSoft has been phenomenal in grasping our vision and what we needed with our software program. Their team has gone above and beyond in making sure that we are set up correctly, and quickly give feedback and answers to any questions that we have. Based on my experience, I would recommend MultiSoft to anyone that can utilize from their services.’


Dec 262013

“Amit, thank you for all you have done for us, its been a struggle and a learning curve but we are getting closer to where we need to be….I am really blssed to have you and your team and the team I have in place for future successes for both companies, thank you !!!!!”

Chris T.
New York, NY USA

Sep 092013

Hi team, yes, I had a rocky slow start getting launched, for certain. You all stuck behind me and answered my every question. And I have a lot, you’ll agree. Now that we have started promoting the company, really in the last two weeks, and we are seeing people put in the genealogy, I realize more even now how grateful I am for you all. All of those hard-working programmers that I don’t know their names need to be congratulated too. Please forward this to them!

Keep up the good work.


Colleen S.
Tampa, FL USA

Aug 202013

Dear Robert and Jessie,

I just finished a training session with Jessie and want to keep this brief:

THANK YOU for providing the quality and scope of support through your helpdesk.

Jessie demonstrated to me how I envisioned a helpdesk operates in well-structured company:

– Jessie listened carefully to my question

– He addressed my Q by showing me the solution with words I could easily follow

– He was very patient when I asked the same Q a few more times to make sure I understood

– He was available until I had all my Q answered

CONGRATULATIONS to such a helpdesk performance, I can highly recommend Multisoft to anyone!

Thanks, Jessie,
Peter R.

Apr 042013

MultiSoft is incredible….

Davyd has been “on” with everything.

Jessie was very helpful.

Andrew also was consistent with the team assembled and the incredible piece of software as he too was over the top helpful and informative.

I just need to change the word “AutoShip” to Subscription everywhere possible, if possible.

Thanks for your help. The product is even better than expected, but is a distant second to the team and their responsiveness.

Tim D.

Missouri City, Texas



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Jan 222013

I have been in the Direct Sales Industry for over 20 years and have experienced a variety of software providers.  What I can tell you about MultiSoft is that the level of service they provide from beginning to end is excellent.  When we started up they worked with us in every way to ensure that everything from site design to the compensation plan was ready to to.  The team at MultiSoft in my opinion is one of the best you could ever find.  Their responsiveness is always in 24 hours or less even in non urgent situations.

The service we receive far surpasses the value of what it cost us for the service.  If there were any area of their service I would say could improve it would be some of the internal aspects of the system take a little more time to understand however once you learn how it works it truly is a simple process.

I have been extremely satisfied with the level of excellent service we receive on a daily basis from MultiSoft.  They are professional, they deliver on time performance and are one of top companies in the industry.  Most importantly to me; is that I can trust them 100 per cent with my business.

Randy M.
Las Vegas, Nevada



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Jan 222013

“We are so grateful to you Robert for being a friend to us and helping our team that you met to go forward with our dreams. It says allot about who you are and I want to have you thank all of your associates for without them and your leadership it would be impossible to launch at the speed that you are taking us.

We are so happy in working with you and your associates, your experience and mentoring has been wonderful for us. As we move forward we know for a fact that you and your associates will have our back, with a wealth of experience that came about over so many years in helping companies like ours.”

 Raul P.
Salt Lake City, UT

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