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To whom it may concern,

As a company who has dealt with several dozen vendors, tech companies, customer service reps etc. It is with great pleasureI tell you that your employee Estefanie Vialllobos is by far the most professional, attentive and productive person we have ever dealt with from a support standpoint.
Don’t get me wrong Tony is fantastic at what he does and we wouldn’t be here without the relationship he and I have built over the past 3 years.
I honestly feel without Estefanie we would be even further behind than we are. She responds in a timely manner, she does not procrastinate, she understands our time constraints and deals around them and I know that can be a headache. SHe is extremely thorough on our calls and simply put if she didnt work for you she would be the first person on my recruiting list. 😁.
In all seriousness though.. if you have employee bonuses, awards etc. she is my nominee. Please thank her for all she does and let her know she is greatly valued and appreciated.