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Let say a little bit about my past experience.  Before starting our MLM company I checked about 40 companies who offer their software services, some of them their software was not fit for a complete diverse compensation plan, some others did but wanted lots lots of money upfront and during the programing.  So i decided to go for a Mexican company, it was ok but was not really high tech software and the prices they charged be were high, 10 dollars per AutoShip transition versus MultiSoft 1.75 dollars. Anyways they wanted more money and I was stock because they had all of my clients database and it was like or you pay me more or I just disconnect everything and you lose all of your clients information (very important for MLM).

That’s when I found MultiSoft, one of the programmers recuperate all of the data I had. The compensation plan was re-developed by your staff, and now everything is great and in operations. I am very pleased, happy and grateful for all of your staff’s time, efforts, and always have been there giving the extra mile (they did not have to) for any previous problems i had with the other company.

MultiSoft is good company, competent employees, and money-wise very cheap compare to other companies, their software is very high tech and well developed as well as the design.

Thank you

Victor C.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA



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