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I have been in the Direct Sales Industry for over 20 years and have experienced a variety of software providers.  What I can tell you about MultiSoft is that the level of service they provide from beginning to end is excellent.  When we started up they worked with us in every way to ensure that everything from site design to the compensation plan was ready to to.  The team at MultiSoft in my opinion is one of the best you could ever find.  Their responsiveness is always in 24 hours or less even in non urgent situations.

The service we receive far surpasses the value of what it cost us for the service.  If there were any area of their service I would say could improve it would be some of the internal aspects of the system take a little more time to understand however once you learn how it works it truly is a simple process.

I have been extremely satisfied with the level of excellent service we receive on a daily basis from MultiSoft.  They are professional, they deliver on time performance and are one of top companies in the industry.  Most importantly to me; is that I can trust them 100 per cent with my business.

Randy M.
Las Vegas, Nevada



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