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MultiSoft Sets Sizzling Pace!


Apple computer co-founders Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak were not the only geniuses who started a fledgling company in a garage and saw it grow to international proportions. The same can be said for Peter Spary, founder of MultiSoft Corp. Spary also started his company in a converted garage, in 1987.


It’s just been growth, growth, growth…


Since its founding, his company has been providing software and support services to the MLM industry. MultiSoft Corp. now occupies three prestigious global facilities employing a full complement of sales personnel, technical support specialists, customer service representatives and computer programmers who collectively add to the MultiSoft range of products and support services almost daily.


Let’s step back into history for a moment. Years ago there was a demand for an economically priced corporate MLM software system.  MultiSoft recognized this demand and set themselves to the task of meeting that challenge. The net result is an incredibly flexible, yet “user friendly” system that anyone can use.


Enter “MarketPowerPRO.”  “We completely re-engineered the old platform,” says Spary, CEO of MultiSoft Corporation. “We really didn’t have much choice, Microsoft Corp. made sure of that by forcing everyone to use the new Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. You can’t fight one of the wealthiest visionary in America.”


Spary continues, “Having gone through the evolution from DOS to Windows and now to Windows 8, we finally agreed with Microsoft, the future is here today in our latest 100 percent re-engineered product, named MarketPowerPRO.”


MultiSoft’s standard “off-the-shelf” version of MarketPowerPRO has a breathtakingly low price, and includes the important elements required in MLM software, and compares favorably to competitors’ products which cost much more. MarketPowerPROs architecture was designed for unlimited growth with most of the growth-oriented software pieces already included.


The STANDARD version of MarketPowerPRO is an extremely powerful, fully functional, corporate, online multilevel marketing software package that has been tested over many years on standard PC’s.  The standard MarketPowerPRO will do everything a start-up Unilevel or matrix based MLM company needs, from distributor data entry to the printing of genealogies, posting of period ending checks, reconciliation of year end accounting, and generation of 1099’s.


What can MultiSoft do for your company?  A multipurpose service company, MultiSoft can help your firm get its product or service on the market fast and cost effectively via the multilevel marketing method.


MultiSoft’s primary expertise is computer software and data processing services for MLM companies. With over 26+ years experience in research and development, MultiSoft has created a growing library of off-the-shelf program enhancement modules that can get MLM companies up and running within days. MultiSoft can help them escape the pitfalls experienced by most MLM start-up companies.


Accurate and fast data processing for a new company is the single most important element for building longevity. It’s a necessity that must be in place before an MLM company receives its first order. MultiSoft can help your firm escape the pitfalls experienced by most processing fees, hardware prices and outrageous software prices.


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