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Need more Distributors?

Be the first to implement the very latest MLM “Super-Recruiting Tool”.  An Instant Call Center with integrated CRM, Script Merge Module and next-record-in-database Auto-Dialer.  Distributors simply upload their sales script(s), import their leads and click to start the Auto-Dialer… The fact of the matter is that they’ll probably acquire instant downlines simply by picking up the telephone!

Contacted will 10X their efforts through its unique Auto Merge Call Scripts Module.  Another MLM First.

Instant Call Center
Integrated CRM (Contact Manager)
Telesales Script Merge Module, and
Next-record-in-database, Auto-Dialer
Experience the awesome power of Merged Scripts running Conditional Branching…
Upload your own telesales script(s), import your own lead, and start power prospecting  today!

Everything for only US$29.95/mo.*        100% Money Back Guarantee*!

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Note: is a sister company of MultiSoft.

(Resellers wanted: up to 50% discount for bulk purchase.)