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One of the most effective ways of increasing the reputation and notoriety of your organization is to share the positive reviews and testimonials from actual users with your prospects. People value the words of other normal people over anything you might say to them or any marketing copy you create regardless of its quality of truthfulness. As they say, “Word of Mouth” is the most powerful advertising you can have. You have to remember that for most people, there’s a perception that salesmen will say anything to get the sale. Customers, on the other hand, share their experiences.

Gathering testimonials and reviews can be difficult though and curating and posting them can be tedious. So how do you implement it?

That’s where Testimonial Tree comes in. Testimonial Tree’s system provides the backend structure you need to solicit and then display positive testimonials you receive while also providing you an opportunity to contact and resolve issues with unsatisfied customers without their reviews being displayed publicly. You can choose which reviews to share and then display them on your website and social media accounts through Testimonial Tree’s widgets.


To Learn More About the Testimonial Tree System and its Integration with MarketPowerPRO, Click the link below to watch the How-To Video.