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One of the biggest lessons to learn from digital marketing as it relates to e-commerce is that the more barriers or hurdles between your customer and your goal, the more people you lose to each of those steps.

This is called drop-off. When it comes to MLM and Network Marketing, things like a complicated buying process, non-user-friendly website design, or an enrollment that requires multiple steps can be the difference between making more sales and getting more distributors or failing completely.

MarketPowerPRO has been leading the charge in advancing MLM and Network Marketing websites for over 30 years, and now we’ve simplified your distributor enrollment page by another step. While our old distributor enrollment was broken into three simple steps, our new distributor enrollment page has taken the next leap and been streamlined into only one.

To learn about the new enrollment page and how to apply it to your system, click on the link to watch the how-to video below.