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MultiLevel Marketing and Network Marketing Companies have long struggled with being labeled as “get rich quick schemes” or accusations of deceptive earnings claims. As a result, MLM companies have gone further and further to try to provide the information necessary to satisfy the public’s need for transparency.

One of many ways that Network Marketing companies have tried to represent themselves and their opportunity more fairly to the marketplace and to potential distributors is through the use of Income Disclosure Statements.

An Income Disclosure Statement provides solid figures about the real earnings of the average distributor. Doing this dispels any argument or claim that the company is misrepresenting the opportunity or typical earnings gained from it. For many companies though, this can become an arduous task. Between compiling all the data and then performing the calculations, it’s not typically a quick process, and because of this, the information is sometimes inaccurate by the time it’s made available.

MultiSoft makes Income Disclosure Statements easier than ever. Companies using the MarketPowerPRO MLM software platform can make use of its Real-Time Income Disclosure Statements functionality. The Real-Time Income Disclosure Statement automatically calculates data points such as the percentage of active distributors and percentage of all distributors, monthly income (high, low, average) and annualized average income, all in real-time, ensuring that the information is always available and completely accurate.

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