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As any good business person will tell you, reports are important. Reports give you the data you need to make good business decisions without relying strictly upon a “gut feeling”. While there are some reports that are necessary for all businesses, there are also many reports that are custom built for your businesses specific needs.


MarketPowerPRO offers 36+ pre-built, editable and graphical reports that cover 99% of the reporting needs of a typical company. However, we also provide on-demand reports and custom reports to fulfill your needs.


On-Demand reports are designed to provide you with specific raw data pulled from your database every time you visit that report page. As a new client, you can take advantage of one additional custom on-demand report per week for your first 90 days, and then 1 per month afterward. Typically after this period, we find that your reporting needs have been covered between the pre-built reports provided with the system and the on-demand reports you’ve had us create for you.


On-demand reports are built to your specifications and require custom programming. Because of this, they are built for specific time periods – i.e. the past 30, 45, 60 days, etc. They can also provide all historical data if that is what is requested. On-demand reports are provided in a standard .CSV data format so that you may manipulate the data as you see fit, however, the fields provided in the report are not editable.




Custom Reports, on the other hand, are built to provide an interactive experience as well as graphical representation of the data that your administrators may use as a finalized report for distribution to your company administrators or distributors. Custom Reports are perfect for applications where the user is not comfortable working with data manipulation themselves through a spreadsheet or pivot tables because the user has the ability to edit report date ranges, SKUs, roles, genealogy types, and see those changes immediately. Custom reports can also be exported in a variety of file types and formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, MHTML, XML, or Tiff.


Because MarketPowerPRO already includes all the reports most companies need, there are fees associated with creating custom reports specific to your business.




If you have any questions about MarketPowerPRO’s pre-built reports, or on-demand and custom reports, please call us today at 1-888-415-0554