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As an industry standard, we’ve found that the vast majority of Multilevel Marketing and Network Marketing companies tend to offer multiple options when it comes to distributor enrollments. The names change between companies but the process is largely the same. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, packages that come with different products or distributor kits, etc.


Have you ever heard of decision fatigue? Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after long sessions of decision making. Basically, people get tired of making decisions, especially when they feel there are too many choices or decisions to make. A wide product offering can be good, but when a customer feels overwhelmed you risk them walking away from the sale entirely.


What if you want to eliminate the choices and use a single enrollment package? Or maybe you’d like to create a separate enrollment package as a recruitment promotion and only good for a limited period of time.


Now you have the ability to create an individual link for a specific mandatory enrollment option and replace the standard ‘Join Now’ URL with that link. The result is that when a prospective distributor clicks on the ‘Join Now’ button, instead of being presented with several enrollment options, they’re taken directly to the next step – either the registration page, or if applicable to an optional purchases page.


To learn how to use this feature on your MarketPowerPRO system, Click on the link below!