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Do you know the answers to your security questions? Security is a major concern these days. It seems every day there’s more news about a system we were previously confident in being hacked or exploited. MultiSoft is constantly working to strengthen the security measures in MarketPowerPRO.

MarketPowerPRO uses a variety of security features and encryption to protect the data of our clients. One of the security features integrated into the MarketPowerPRO software platform is the use of secret questions.

Secret Questions are used as a secondary factor to authenticate the identity of someone attempting to reset the password of a user account. If you’ve ever done any online banking, you’ve most likely had your own personal experience with a secret question system.

When you, a distributor, or a customer goes through the new registration process, you’re asked to select and answer your secret question from a list of pre-existing questions provided. These answers are stored in an encrypted database and if there is an attempt to reset the user’s password they must first correctly answer the secret question.

What if you don’t like the questions that we’ve provided by default? With MarketPowerPRO, your company administrator also has the ability to edit, remove, or add new questions.

Click on the Link Below To Learn How You Can Set Your Own Unique Secret Questions for Your Company