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Do you sell products that come in various sizes and colors, or other variable types, each requiring their own SKU?   Have you ever wanted to limit sales of a product in a specific color, size, or other custom attribute SKU? With a recent update to MarketPowerPRO, you can do that and more.

Recently we made an important update to the inventory and custom attributes system of MarketPowerPRO. For some time now we’ve used a custom attribute system that allows you to create a single base SKU and custom attributes that add a SKU suffix to keep track of each product variation separately. Unfortunately, that system did not tie directly into your inventory system or supply real-time inventory level information. The result was that if someone ordered an item in a color or size that wasn’t in stock, the company would have to reach out to the customer to inform them of backorders and in some cases provide refunds to customers unwilling to wait on a backordered product.

We’re happy to tell you that is no longer the case. We’ve added additional functionality to the custom attributes system that ties those custom attribute skus to the corresponding items in your inventory system and link real-time inventory level information. This provides the ability to do a number of different things and provide information to the customer that was previously unavailable. For example, this gives you the ability to limit sales or backorders of products that may not be in stock or provide live inventory amounts to prospective customers.

Click on the link below to watch how you can add Custom Attributes to your system and link them to your Inventory.