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I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how fantastically impressed I was with your CTO Amit. I was in a spot where a lot if time and money depended on me getting the system to do something that it wasn’t designed to do. Two other of your employees (who I think are wonderful too) tried but could not find a way to accomplish this task. It may seem like a really little thing, but it means that I get to start my business days ahead and it may mean that will be able to do business in Florida.

First if all his demeaner makes him so easy to communicate and work with, but the real reason that I’m so happy is that he is brilliant. He is a creative superstar. He figured out a way to get this one thing. All I needed was one word ln the bottom of the customer registration page, but for legal reasons it had to be on the bottom left. It may sound simple, but it wasn’t. Amit immediately knew some options. At first I wasn’t too impressed because as CTO I figured he knew a lot about the system, but after a few options failed, his creative genius kept going. He tried about three more options and eventually solved the problem and by solving the problem, he really helped my business.

I just wanted you to know so that you can take pride in your staff. I’m sure you must hear the occasional disgruntled person, so I wanted you to hear how your staff can be the hero too. I appreciate everyone who has helped, but I had to let you know how overjoyed I am with Amit. I am looking forward to many future projects with him.

Josh F.
Virginia, USA



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