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Have You Ever Wished You Could Hide That Quantity Field on an AutoShip SKU? An “Autoship” is a way of selling a product or service on a reoccurring basis. For example, you could order anything from air conditioning filters to training products to supplements and vitamins on a reoccurring basis. Many companies will offer discounts for reoccurring purchasers and Autoships are heavily used throughout network marketing and MLM. Because of the stability and increased sales volumes that Autoship purchases typically provide, they’re more desirable than one-time purchases. To encourage Autoships, many MLM and Network Marketing companies will offer incentives or a difference in commission values when it comes to these purchases. To accomplish the different commission levels on the same products, the MarketPowerPRO system uses two separate SKU’s to differentiate the one-time purchases from the Autoship purchases. In these cases, you would display the Add to Cart button for the one-time purchase SKU, then hide it while enabling the Autoship button for the other SKU. This didn’t remove the quantity field though; It was unnecessary for most users and looked out of place for a reoccurring purchase. So, in an effort to improve aesthetics, eliminate confusion, and streamline the Autoship process – we’ve added the ability to hide that quantity field as well if desired. Click on the link below to watch the how-to video and implement this change in your own MarketPowerPRO System.