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Good morning, rockstars!  We have a launch team of women we call Mentors, I’m sure you’ve heard me reference them.  It’s our top line of distributors that have teams coming in.  They have been around direct sales for a long time, seen many sites, dealt with other launches, and generally know what’s good and what’s not.

I wanted to share with you their initial responses received yesterday as we got them enrolled and started them on their bug smashing.

“QR Codes are all the RAGE!  It is a high end perk that will set us apart!!!”

“Can I just say that I am in love with the Key performance indicators!!!!”

“Love it!!! Super easy to use and I love having all the stats so easy to read and access!!”

“Let him (Robert, this was about you) know that this such a huge bonus for consultants! It’s a great site and we are grateful for his teams hard work!”

“Just want to tell you that other than the simple little things others have found already (bugs) I cannot find anything major wrong with the back office I have seen a lot of them and this has got to be the best one yet! I love all of the options you have given us!”

“I can’t believe how easy this site is to use!”

“This back office is BEEFY!!”

Y’all, I was very proud to present this site to these women yesterday and it’s because of you and your team.  Please extend our gratitude to everyone and let them know we are just pleased as punch with the first phase of our launch!

Thank you!!