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Are You Looking For A 1-Page Checkout Option? As most of us have experienced ourselves, long checkout processes feel tedious. They take extra work on behalf of the customer and sometimes if the customer was ‘on the fence’ about the purchase already, it gives them a reason to walk away from the sale.

One of the primary concerns in online retail and e-commerce is what’s referred to as funnel optimization. Most salesmen are familiar with funnels in some way already, but in e-commerce it’s mostly focused on the path from an initial interaction with the customer to a completed sale. This includes the ads or initial communication that draws them to the website, the pages that users ‘land’ on, site navigation behavior, and the checkout process. After putting in effort and marketing dollars spreading your message to bring a user to your website, interesting them enough that they want to purchase your products, the last thing you want is for them to give up when they get frustrated with a long checkout process.

Businesses using MarketPowerPRO now have the option of using a new 1-page checkout. This new checkout page offers a quick, 1-page process that helps expedite that completed sale. Enabling the new 1-page checkout is a simple checkbox change and immediately after enabling the option, users clicking on the “checkout” button will be directed to the newly re-designed 1-page checkout page. To learn how to use this feature on your MarketPowerPRO system, Click on the link below!