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Hello my name is David Spary,

I am the Thailand Managing Director of 27 year old MLM software company MultiSoft Corporation.  I manage the new branch office in Bangkok.  As an industry professional I really would like to meet you and hopefully sometime in the near future earn your valued business.  Until that time I would like to offer you a free, unique and valuable service… a service never seen anywhere before in the MLM industry!

But first, I have two questions…

  1. Are you considering starting your own MLM Company but need to be 100% sure that your compensation plan is bulletproof?
  1. Are your current programmers incapable of providing you with a professional “Technical Specifications Document” (blueprint)?

If you answered YES to either of those questions, we need to talk soon!

I will go to work for you, and deliver to you a Technical Specifications Document within 24 hours at no cost or obligation.  I will also have our 27 year experienced MLM technicians run your compensation plan through our proprietary “MLM Compensation Plan Modeler”, and then I will provide you with a detailed, professional, PDF document… a valuable “blue-print” of your distributor pay plan.

I have made it a simple process, just submit your written distributor Pay Plan plan to me at: for prompt response, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  Or, feel free call me for phone assistance today:

Bangkok, Thailand
Mr. David Spary
23rd Floor, Two Pacific Place 142 Sukhumvit Road
Bangkok,Thailand 10110
Phone: +66 88 875 0538

mlm compensation plan analysis


Aug 182014

Amitabh Dey



MLM Software on the Cloud

MultiSoft MLM Software has moved to the Cloud. 

First off what is a Cloud?  MLM Software on the Cloud?  I was expecting that question.  Cloud computing covers anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet.  In that sense MultiSoft has always been on the cloud but what we have done now is to move our hardware infrastructure to the cloud.

Ok, but why move to the Cloud?

You are probably familiar with Google and Amazon, both of these industry giants use cloud computing but it’s not just a matter of trying to keep up with trends.  MultiSoft spent a lot of time evaluating alternatives and determined that the cloud provides the best way for us to:

a) provide up-to-date software running on the latest operating systems and current hardware.
b) be “greener”, as energy used for computations in the cloud are far less than the average for non-cloud environments since resources are securely shared and thus more efficiently used.
c) increase system reliability and speed.

What does that mean for MultiSoft customers?

For MultiSoft customers it means no downtime when upgrading computer systems or software.  In the past, when we needed to move to a faster CPU, add additional hard-drive space or increase memory on our servers we have had to bring customer’s systems down while these updates took place, sometimes for hours, there is no good time for this to occur.

With a cloud-based infrastructure, computational power and speed, additional disk space or memory can all be added with little to no downtime.  This means that we can react quickly to the changing growth demands of our customers.

How else is MultiSoft using the raw power of the cloud?

We explored how we could deploy updates faster.  For example when a user tries to visit a website their browser has to be told where to find the site.  As updates are occasionally needed to the locations in the past this could take up to 72 hours to update globally.  By using a global cloud-based service we are able to update this information in minutes instead of days.  Additionally we have found a way to use a global cloud to deliver images, JavaScript and style-sheets to the end user faster.  This all makes for a better user experience, which in turn leads to growth for our customers.

“INCREASED RELIABILITY”, can you expand on that?

In a traditional hardware deployment you make backups of key information and then in the event of a failure you recover from the backups on to new hardware.  While you can plan for this occurrence, when it happens it can result in hours or sometimes days of downtime.  With the deployments in the cloud a new virtual server can be configured in minutes and the website be back up shortly thereafter.

How safe is the cloud?

The private cloud MultiSoft uses has privacy and security controls to ensure that only the people you want to access your data are able to. As always MultiSoft is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant so all of a client’s and all of their users private data is maintained at the highest levels of security.

What’s next?

MultiSoft will continue to explore new technologies on the cloud to further improve our customers’ and their users’ experience.

“Amit” – Amitabh Dey
Chief Technology Officer – MultiSoft Corporation






Aug 182014

MultiSoft Las Vegas

MultiSoft Las Vegas, MLM Software office

Meet Andrew Spary… and visit MultiSoft’s brand new Las Vegas MLM software office to receive your FREE:

  • 30 minute “MLM Workshop” overview.
  • 30 minute MarketPowerPRO demonstration.
  • 30 minute Free compensation plan evaluation, using our proprietary compensation plan Modeler…

But you must call and book now…

Andrew Spary, co-founder of MultiSoft Corporation has recently moved to head the new MLM software office Las Vegas, and is now fully prepared to provide MLM software demonstrations and MLM Software support services to MLM companies who would like to visit Las Vegas and meet Andrew.

“MultiSoft is just as dedicated today as he was when my brother Peter Spary launched the company over 27+ years ago”, says Andrew.

All MultiSoft offices are networked through our global phone system and support is available 24 hours a day, NO answering machines, and NO hiding behind emails… and you will never hear “we will get back to you in a couple of days”, or, “just send us an email”… because MultiSoft answers the phone every time.  The new MLM software office, Las Vegas broadens our sales and support network even wider.

Contact MultiSoft Las Vegas today, Andrew would love to chat and invest in a future relationship with you and your company.

MultiSoft Las Vegas
Andrew Spary
9179 West Flamingo, #120,
Las Vegas NV 89147

 1-800-587-MLMS (6567) USA                        +1 239-945-6433  International


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Jun 082014


MarketPowerPRO MLM-Wizard Software & Website Wizard

A large part of success in sales is positive image and promotion.  You will need a world class image in order to achieve a high volume of sales.  Our MarketPowerPRO MLM-Wizard will walk you through a step-by-step process of selecting a website template, define your compensation plan and take it live… in most cases in under 15 minutes!  Plus, you can always come back and change templates or edit your compensation plan because the demo is a real-time, live system, (that auto deletes in 3 days).

Experience leading edge technology at No Risk, and No Obligation to pay anything!

Try the FREE Wizard now…

MarketPowerPRO MLM-Wizard, MLM modeler, mlm software, compensation plan modeller, compensation plan modeler

[Experience the FREE Wizard now…]

We provide over 100 Starter Templates that YOU can edit, upload your own graphics and add text!

MarketPowerPRO MLM-Wizard, MLM modeler, mlm software, compensation plan modeller, compensation plan modeler

Contact us for additional information on how we can help create an image for you.

[ Experience the DEMO now ]

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Jun 042014


MLM Workshop – Bangkok Thailand

mlm workshop

Over the past quarter century, MultiSoft has frequently been called upon, often times at the very last minute, to assist with the launch of new companies and to help rescue faltering companies by helping bring them back to profitability.  Our team of seasoned professionals often perform complete “face lifts” on the image and missions of companies, enabling them to positively stand out in the highly competitive network marketing industry.

Continuing on this tradition of excellence, we also provide consulting and support services to existing and start-up companies in the areas of:  business forms, graphics and illustration, legal issues, referrals, company “roll out”, “pre-launch”, “fast start programs”, compensation plan development, national and international expansion, distributor training and much more.

Beyond administration, we are highly familiar with the distributor experience.  Experience on both the administrative and distributor sides of MLM has provided us with the opportunity to learn how to craft solutions that serve both groups successfully without compromising one another.

MultiSoft’s many years as the premier MLM solutions provider, ensures that you are receiving the highest quality consulting possible.  When you need experience and dependability, you need MultiSoft.  We are confident that you will benefit from an association with the best MLM Workshop available. . . anywhere, at any price!

The services we offer are some of the finest available in the industry…

Together we will actually build the foundation of your new MLM company enterprise, from the ground floor up, and launch a live prototype right before your eyes:

We will…

  • Build and deploy your Corporate Website
  • Add a replicated Distributor Back-Office portal
  • Add products and assign commission values
  • Assign commissionable values
  • Discuss your momentum building Pre-launch program

How do we do it?

  • Our team has been servicing the direct sales and MLM industries for over 25 years.
  • We have experience in the industry from the distributor, company owner, vendor perspectives.
  • We provide turnkey products and services to the industry.
  • We use our own products and services to illustrate the concepts reviewed.
  • Our goal is to make your dream a reality!  We will show you hands-on how it is done.
  • Expect more than hype laden motivational speaking

Our approach will clearly define each step that you need to take to be successful, the milestones that will measure your progress and how you can avoid the pitfalls that so many others have encountered in the past.

Let us show you how to “do it right”… the first time!

Our interest is in helping you succeed and ensuring the next generation of MLM owners is the best that it can be.  Join us for a walk down the path to success!  Our $399 MLM Workshop is custom tailored to your specific needs.  Each of the topics offered can be covered in as much detail as YOU require.  Our workshop is not about our own self-edification; it’s about ensuring that you gain the knowledge necessary to become successful.  If you are looking for solid advice from a seasoned industry professional, you are going to love our MLM Workshop!

Let’s get started… the following is a summary of our available units.


  1. What business are you really in?
  2. The 5 key components of a successful MLM Company
  3. The basics of a successful MLM Product or Service
  4. Your importance of a “world class” image and corporate culture
  5. Why your company logo is important
  6. Website and Portal design – the window to your company
  7. Creating printed materials for your Distributors
  8. Components of a marketing and media package

PCI Compliance

  1. What is it?
  2. How PCI affects you
  3. The importance of PCI compliance
  4. Spam / Return / Shipping Policy
  5. What are they and why must I have them?
  6. Where do I find this material?
  7. What are the consequences if I don’t have them?

Government Compliance

  1. Are MLM, Direct sale, Affiliate and Party Plans legal?
  2. Do I have to register my company?
  3. Assistance with compliance and regulations
  4. Ramifications of not being compliant
  5. Do I need to get approval for my product?
  6. Terms & Conditions / Policies / Rules and Regulations.  What do these mean to me?  Can I write these documents myself?  Can you provide me with standard forms?  Do I really need to retain an attorney?
  7. Credit Card Merchant Account Compliance
  8. Best Practices for Underwriting and Monitoring Multi Level Marketers – a Bankers, fraud department: White Paper discussion


  1. What is the best product for MLM?
  2. Physical vs. Virtual products
  3. Consumable vs. one time purchases
  4. Selling virtual and electronic products
  5. Sourcing products
  6. The importance of packaging and presentation
  7. Determining product and service pricing
  8. Ensuring that you build a profitable opportunity

What is the best compensation plan?

  1. Should I copy from another successful company?
  2. How much is my compensation plan going to pay out?
  3. Designing your compensation plan with a consultant
  4. How complex should my compensation plan be?
  5. Does my consultant recruit Distributors for me?
  6. Can my consultant help me recruit distributors?  If the answer is YES, how?
  7. Vision Planning and the critically important Gantt Chart
  8. How to price and not go broke while realizing a reasonable profit
  9. The famous Compensation Plan Modeler (Free)
  10. Creating the vital Technical System Specifications Documentation

Pre-Launch vs. Post Launch (creating your own Gold Rush)

  1. Why a Pre-launch is so important
  2. Iron out issues before the momentum kicks in
  3. Test, test and test again

Your Software

  1. Selecting your software vendor… and your Strategic Partner
  2. Portals vs. Websites
  3. The importance of Software Scalability
  4. Replication and the Distributor Back Office
  5. Custom programming, tested ways to save big through portalization
  6. ASP or self hosted, what does it really mean to you?
  7. What does MLM software do for the company and the distributor?  What features will I need?
  8. Will I need custom programmed software?
  9. How much does MLM software cost?
  10. Who owns the software?
  11. Do I need to hire an IT expert?
  12. Where can I use my software?
  13. Do I need special hardware?
  14. So, you want to sell around the world!
  15. How is shipping handled?
  16. How do I collect money?
  17. What is a back office?
  18. A global presence, is it important?
  19. What about multiple languages?
  20. How do I sell in multiple currencies?
  21. Who pays the commissions to my Distributors?
  22. What payment methods can be used to pay Distributors?
  23. What about hiring my own programmer and building it myself?  My friend said it is easy, is it?
  24. I can do it cheaper with offshore programmers I will never meet???

Building a World-Class Distributor Kit

  1. What Distributors really need
  2. How to build a Powerful Distributor Kit quickly and efficiently
  3. Business forms and documentation (samples provided)
  4. Preparing all materials for attorney review


  1. Should I have a Founders Program?
  2. Finding top distributors – Recruiting the Winners
  3. Tip on qualifying for a High Risk credit card merchant account
  4. Hiring in-house executives and staff
  5. Funding your new enterprise for success
  6. Time proven tips on raising seed capital
  7. I have my new company, now what?
  8. No one visits my website, what can I do?
  9. Why is my website not ranked on Google?  Who can help me get traffic to my website?
  10. How do I recruit new distributors?
  11. What about Newsletter systems?  Private Labeled with your name is a “must have tool”
  12. Should I place ads in newspapers and magazines?
  13. Where is the best place to find customers?
  14. Should I pay to entice leaders (aka Heavy Hitters)?
  15. Where do I advertise my product to get the most sales?
  16. I signed up a few friends but no one is selling or recruiting, why?
  17. Do I need a big fancy office and a swanky car?
  18. Who I should hire?
  19. How many employees do I need?
  20. Who will handle all of my support needs?
  21. Who do I call when I have questions?

Designing online training programs

  1. Do Distributors really know your compensation plan and products?
  2. What Distributors can and more importantly cannot say about you and your products and compensation plan can definitely get you in hot water.  Create certification courses yourself and train your distributors like no other company!  Experience TrainerWare at:

mlm workshop

[ Click for more information ]


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MLMSoup2Nuts. – – –





Feb 212014

MLM Compensation Plan Technical Specifications Document

MLM Compensation Plan

Don’t Gamble with your future!

MLM Compensation Plan Technical Specifications Document

If I was a buyer and someone gave me a price for MLM software without first knowing my exact requirements, I would run away as fast as I could!  How in the world could someone make a cost assessment or deem that I could use software “off the shelf” before understanding my needs?

Reputable software companies assess needs before offering solutions or pricing.  In this respect, software development is much like home building.  You wouldn’t agree to start construction on a house before finalizing that your blueprints fit the budget – you must demand the same level of professionalism when building your software.

To provide you with an accurate price quote for an MLM Compensation Plan and MLM Software you first need an MLM Compensation Plan Technical Specifications Document.  Competent MLM programmers MUST document your MLM Compensation Plan in exact detail before commencing work… OR YOUR COMMISSIONS WILL BE WRONG!  And your programmers will bleed you to death and probably never finish!

One way to create an MLM Compensation Plan Technical Specifications Document is to use the FREE Compensation Plan Modeler.

Check out this industry revolutionizing online system now (100% FREE)!  We would love yto earn our business, but if you have your own programmers… that’s okay, you can certainly use our PDF document to explain to your programmers your exact requirements… with our compliments.

“The Modeler” is located at


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Jan 282014


If you are serious about designing an MLM Compensation Plan, we are eager to help you with some FREE, no obligation, consulting.  Get advice from experienced qualified experts.

Draw on our 27+ years of proven track record.


Get your Compensation Plan Analysis, consulting advice, and a FREE Compensation Plan Technical Specifications Document (write-up) of your custom distributor Compensation Plan… (Emailed to you immediately after).

Simply introduce yourself to one of MultiSoft’s senior executives and chat with them about your mlm compensation plan, whenever convenient for YOU:

•    USA
President, Robert Proctor: +1 239-945-6433

•    ASIA
Managing Director, Steve Mommaerts: +65-6809 3149

And don’t forget to request your live demonstration of MarketPowerPRO the very best MLM software.



Jan 262014

Best MLM Consultant

Who is the Best MLM Consultant?  … The ones with the most hands-on experience of course!

You would think that the best MLM consultant would be the one with the most MLM experience, right?  You are absolutely correct… and with over 27 years of experience in the MLM software industry as MLM software vendors to HUNDREDS and hundreds of customers we are able to analyze comp plans and website designs better than most… possibly all other competitors.  We’ve got the experience and can prove it.

Best MLM Consultant

steve mommaerts, best mlm consultant, mlm singapore

best mlm consultant, mlm singapore, mlm software singapore, mlm consultingSteve Mommaerts – Singapore

MLM Compensation plans

Some MLM consultants have charge 10’s of thousands of dollars just for giving advice on your MLM Compensation plan… wow!  How about working with a global MLM software corporation with 27+ years of service to the MLM industry, that is qualified in almost all aspects of the network marketing industry.

If you are serious about your company’s future, Steve is willing to help you with some FREE consulting (without obligation).  Introduce yourself to Managing Director Steve Mommaerts: +65-6809 3149 (ASIA), chat with him about your project, draw on his proven experience, and don’t forget to request your live demonstration, FREE, no obligation compensation plan consulting and a FREE compensation plan Technical Specifications Document (write-up) of your custom distributor compensation plan (emailed to you immediately after speaking with them).

Steve will show you who the “best MLM Consultant” is… if you give him just a minute to show you!

Also available…

How about a “Soup to Nuts” workshop tailored just for you and for only you, and of course it will be Private and Confidential?

[ More … ]



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Jan 232014

MLM Software On The Cloud


MLM Software On The Cloud

This year’s release of MarketPowerPRO/2014 shamelessly exploits the raw power of MLM on the The Cloud by supercharging its online-MLM-software with speeds never experienced before in the MLM industry.  The new release of MarketPowerPRO/2014 empowers MLM companies with immediate access to the potential of recruiting, reporting and motivating distributors via the cloud… anywhere around the world!

Drawing on their 26-year expertise of delivering cutting edge MLM Software, MultiSoft Corporation once again seized the corporate MLM software lead by investing heavily in reprogramming MarketPowerPRO as a cloud-based MLM software solution; effectively and efficiently changing the future for MLM Software and international entrepreneurs wanting and needing to take their network marketing company global.

What is the cloud?

You’ve probably already experienced the cloud but may not even know it.  As a matter of fact companies like Adobe have been utilizing the cloud for quite some time… “Adobe Creative Cloud”.

The cloud is a network of servers positioned around the world in huge server facilities.  Some of these servers are used to provide online services, and others used to store and access data, all are networked together.  Chances are if you surfed the web today you probably utilized the cloud, when you use Google, Evernote, Adobe, etc, you are storing information on the cloud, and not on your local computer or smartphone.  The cloud is the immediate future of computing and most large non-MLM companies have already adopted and are benefiting from the power and speed of the cloud.

How does the cloud benefit YOU in MLM?

Firstly, the business decision to “move to the cloud” is often financially motivated.  In the past companies purchased their own hugely expensive hardware, the value of which rapidly depreciated over just a couple of years.  With the cloud, companies only pay for what they use.  This business model makes it easy and quick to scale-up or down, and MultiSoft can pass their savings on to you via competitive pricing.  The cloud allows your company to become agile, efficient, fast and cost-effective.

Secondly, speed!  MLM Companies and their (now sophisticated) distributors demand speed, speed and more speed.  Genealogies, reports and product orders must all process quickly and efficiently or sales and downlines will rapidly dwindle away.  Many leading MLM companies are either already international or are considering going international – the cloud is an essential component in this quest because data traveling around the globe means multiple “hops” that slow things down horribly (you’ve probably experienced this yourself), currently the best solution is the cloud, and MultiSoft is delivering its cloud based systems TODAY… and you simply must experience MarketPowerPRO/2014 TODAY!

If you are serious about your company’s future, we are willing to help you with some FREE consulting (without obligation).  Introduce yourself and speak personally with one of MultiSoft’s senior executives, President Robert Proctor +1 239-945-6433 (USA), or Managing Director Steve Mommaerts +65-6809 3149 (ASIA), chat with them about your project, draw on their proven experience, and don’t forget to request your live demonstration, FREE, no obligation compensation plan consulting and a FREE compensation plan Technical Specifications Document (write-up) of your custom distributor compensation plan (emailed to you immediately after speaking with them).


Link to:



Jul 202013

MultiSoft Software Singapore

Introducing MultiSoft Singapore



mlm software singapore

Established 27 years ago in the United States of America, we then expanded by opening a bricks and mortar MLM Software and MLM Support office in Manilla, Philippines, about 7 years ago, now we proudly announce a new MLM Software Singapore location in fabulous Singapore.

MLM Software Singapore

Because of a higher than expected demand for our quality product MarketPowerPRO, we have opened an office to serve you in Singapore.

“MLM Distributors have “IT matured” to a point that they absolutely know what-is-what when it comes to back-office software.  And they simply don’t want, and wont accept, antiquated, slow, featureless software, and they refuse to join MLM Companies that have old outdated software”.

You are cordially invited to contact us and make an appointment to hear about the special deals available to you today, and how our new MLM Software technologies can super-charge your MLM enterprise.

Steve Mommaerts will immediately book your private session to discuss your current or future growth needs, or he can help you with a start-up enterprise also.  Ask Steve about the “Soup 2 Nuts Workshop”… an event you should NOT miss at MultiSoft Singapore!!

Visit us at:

Apr 282013

MLM Recruiting Tools

Recruiting “on steroids”, powerful MLM recruiting tools…

MLM recruiting tools

Distributor Call Center, CRM, Script Merge & Auto-Dialer…

Instant Call Center Instant Call Center
Instant Call Center Integrated CRM (Contact Manager)
Instant Call Center Telesales Script Merge Module, and
Instant Call Center Next-record-in-database, Auto-Dialer
It’s easy…
Step 1 - Import your leads into the (included) Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).  Import your leads into the (included) Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).
Step 2 - Create your custom Telesales Script. Create your custom Telesales Script.
Step 3 - Insert your Data Merge fields.  Insert your Data Merge fields.
Step 4 - Upload your existing database or add new records.  Upload your existing database or add new records.
Step 5 - Select your own preferred SoftPhone, or use your Skype.  Select your own preferred SoftPhone, or use your Skype.
Step 6 - Click on the Auto-Predictive-Dialer Start button...  Click on the Auto-Dialer Start button…
Apr 252013
AutoShips MLM AutoShip

AutoShip is a key to generating recurring revenue for your company and commissionable volume for your distributors; multiple schedules supported (e.g. wk, mo, etc.)

Learn MoreLearn More



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Apr 252013

Best MLM Software

Best MLM Software

[ Click to try MarketPowerPRO ]

mlm software asia

The world’s Best MLM Software 

The worlds Best MLM Software is now on the cloud.

MarketPowerPRO is dramatically changing how distributors network, recruit and sell – “In the Cloud”.  Be sure to request a FREE, no obligation demonstration and trial before making your corporate software decision… because without MLM Software (that actually works) you have no future!

More …


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Apr 252013



MultiSoft Asia

No one understands the fast paced MLM industry better than MultiSoft Corporation. Trust your business to a company run by industry experts who have been in MLM industry for over twenty five years… allow us to show you a better way… “the MultiSoft way”.

MultiSoft Asia has offices in the United States, the Philippines, England and Singapore. Don’t hesitate to contact our representatives to assist you with your needs – we are here to serve you and turn your visions into reality.

Phone Support:  Asia / Eastern Hemisphere

Sales / Managing Director:  Mr. Steve Mommaerts

Mailing Address:

MultiSoft Corporation
Level 26, PSA Building
460 Alexandra Road
Singapore 119963

Telephone :  +65 6809 3149


Visit us:  [ More … ]

For answers to technical or service issues visit our HELP DESK or visit our FAQ’s.


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Apr 252013

Website Design

How we empower YOU to easily easily build websites that make an impact…

YOU select a FREE Template from one of our 2 template libraries.  (more templates added periodically and you can change your Template at any time).
YOU purchase inexpensive Stock Art from companies such as: or
YOU upload your own text “Content” (cut and paste), that you can further edit YOURSELF at any time, from ANYWHERE in the world.

FREE Template Libraries:  [ More … ]



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Apr 222013

As the current President of 25 year old MultiSoft Corporation, Robert’s goal is to deliver leading edge technologies and to grow the positive relationship between our two companies, by building a strategic partnership that will catapult your company to the summits of success.

I look forward to being an important part of your success!

Robert Proctor, President – MultiSoft

[ More … ]



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Apr 222013

Press Release

MultiSoft Sets Sizzling Pace!


Apple computer co-founders Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak were not the only geniuses who started a fledgling company in a garage and saw it grow to international proportions. The same can be said for Peter Spary, founder of MultiSoft Corp. Spary also started his company in a converted garage, in 1987.


It’s just been growth, growth, growth…


Since its founding, his company has been providing software and support services to the MLM industry. MultiSoft Corp. now occupies three prestigious global facilities employing a full complement of sales personnel, technical support specialists, customer service representatives and computer programmers who collectively add to the MultiSoft range of products and support services almost daily.


Let’s step back into history for a moment. Years ago there was a demand for an economically priced corporate MLM software system.  MultiSoft recognized this demand and set themselves to the task of meeting that challenge. The net result is an incredibly flexible, yet “user friendly” system that anyone can use.


Enter “MarketPowerPRO.”  “We completely re-engineered the old platform,” says Spary, CEO of MultiSoft Corporation. “We really didn’t have much choice, Microsoft Corp. made sure of that by forcing everyone to use the new Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. You can’t fight one of the wealthiest visionary in America.”


Spary continues, “Having gone through the evolution from DOS to Windows and now to Windows 8, we finally agreed with Microsoft, the future is here today in our latest 100 percent re-engineered product, named MarketPowerPRO.”


MultiSoft’s standard “off-the-shelf” version of MarketPowerPRO has a breathtakingly low price, and includes the important elements required in MLM software, and compares favorably to competitors’ products which cost much more. MarketPowerPROs architecture was designed for unlimited growth with most of the growth-oriented software pieces already included.


The STANDARD version of MarketPowerPRO is an extremely powerful, fully functional, corporate, online multilevel marketing software package that has been tested over many years on standard PC’s.  The standard MarketPowerPRO will do everything a start-up Unilevel or matrix based MLM company needs, from distributor data entry to the printing of genealogies, posting of period ending checks, reconciliation of year end accounting, and generation of 1099’s.


What can MultiSoft do for your company?  A multipurpose service company, MultiSoft can help your firm get its product or service on the market fast and cost effectively via the multilevel marketing method.


MultiSoft’s primary expertise is computer software and data processing services for MLM companies. With over 26+ years experience in research and development, MultiSoft has created a growing library of off-the-shelf program enhancement modules that can get MLM companies up and running within days. MultiSoft can help them escape the pitfalls experienced by most MLM start-up companies.


Accurate and fast data processing for a new company is the single most important element for building longevity. It’s a necessity that must be in place before an MLM company receives its first order. MultiSoft can help your firm escape the pitfalls experienced by most processing fees, hardware prices and outrageous software prices.


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Apr 222013

MultiSoft announces the exciting new recruiting and prospecting Module…

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Contacted – MlmBuilder – MarketPowerPRO – MLM Service desk – MLM Corporate

MLM Soup 2 Nuts – MyMLMSocial – MultiSoft Tube – Trainerware



Apr 042013

MultiSoft is incredible….

Davyd has been “on” with everything.

Jessie was very helpful.

Andrew also was consistent with the team assembled and the incredible piece of software as he too was over the top helpful and informative.

I just need to change the word “AutoShip” to Subscription everywhere possible, if possible.

Thanks for your help. The product is even better than expected, but is a distant second to the team and their responsiveness.

Tim D.

Missouri City, Texas



Contacted – MlmBuilder – MarketPowerPRO – MLM Service desk – MLM Corporate

MLM Soup 2 Nuts – MyMLMSocial – MultiSoft Tube – Trainerware