May 182014

MLM Consulting


MultiSoft Singapore Asia

No one understands the fast paced MLM industry better than MultiSoft Corporation.  Trust your business to a company run by industry experts who have been in MLM industry for over twenty five (27+) years… allow us to show you a better way… ”the MultiSoft way”.

MultiSoft Asia has offices in the United States, Florida and Las Vegas, The Philippines, England, Singapore and in the very near future Thailand. Don’t hesitate to contact our representatives to assist you with your needs – we are here to serve you and turn your visions into reality.

Phone Support:  Asia / Eastern Hemisphere

Sales / Managing Director:  Mr. Steve Mommaerts

Mailing Address:

MultiSoft Corporation
Level 26, PSA Building
460 Alexandra Road
Singapore 119963

Telephone :  +65 6809 3149


Jan 262014

Best MLM Consultant

Who is the Best MLM Consultant?  … The ones with the most hands-on experience of course!

You would think that the best MLM consultant would be the one with the most MLM experience, right?  You are absolutely correct… and with over 27 years of experience in the MLM software industry as MLM software vendors to HUNDREDS and hundreds of customers we are able to analyze comp plans and website designs better than most… possibly all other competitors.  We’ve got the experience and can prove it.

Best MLM Consultant

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best mlm consultant, mlm singapore, mlm software singapore, mlm consultingSteve Mommaerts – Singapore

MLM Compensation plans

Some MLM consultants have charge 10’s of thousands of dollars just for giving advice on your MLM Compensation plan… wow!  How about working with a global MLM software corporation with 27+ years of service to the MLM industry, that is qualified in almost all aspects of the network marketing industry.

If you are serious about your company’s future, Steve is willing to help you with some FREE consulting (without obligation).  Introduce yourself to Managing Director Steve Mommaerts: +65-6809 3149 (ASIA), chat with him about your project, draw on his proven experience, and don’t forget to request your live demonstration, FREE, no obligation compensation plan consulting and a FREE compensation plan Technical Specifications Document (write-up) of your custom distributor compensation plan (emailed to you immediately after speaking with them).

Steve will show you who the “best MLM Consultant” is… if you give him just a minute to show you!

Also available…

How about a “Soup to Nuts” workshop tailored just for you and for only you, and of course it will be Private and Confidential?

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Apr 222013

Press Release

MultiSoft Sets Sizzling Pace!


Apple computer co-founders Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak were not the only geniuses who started a fledgling company in a garage and saw it grow to international proportions. The same can be said for Peter Spary, founder of MultiSoft Corp. Spary also started his company in a converted garage, in 1987.


It’s just been growth, growth, growth…


Since its founding, his company has been providing software and support services to the MLM industry. MultiSoft Corp. now occupies three prestigious global facilities employing a full complement of sales personnel, technical support specialists, customer service representatives and computer programmers who collectively add to the MultiSoft range of products and support services almost daily.


Let’s step back into history for a moment. Years ago there was a demand for an economically priced corporate MLM software system.  MultiSoft recognized this demand and set themselves to the task of meeting that challenge. The net result is an incredibly flexible, yet “user friendly” system that anyone can use.


Enter “MarketPowerPRO.”  “We completely re-engineered the old platform,” says Spary, CEO of MultiSoft Corporation. “We really didn’t have much choice, Microsoft Corp. made sure of that by forcing everyone to use the new Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. You can’t fight one of the wealthiest visionary in America.”


Spary continues, “Having gone through the evolution from DOS to Windows and now to Windows 8, we finally agreed with Microsoft, the future is here today in our latest 100 percent re-engineered product, named MarketPowerPRO.”


MultiSoft’s standard “off-the-shelf” version of MarketPowerPRO has a breathtakingly low price, and includes the important elements required in MLM software, and compares favorably to competitors’ products which cost much more. MarketPowerPROs architecture was designed for unlimited growth with most of the growth-oriented software pieces already included.


The STANDARD version of MarketPowerPRO is an extremely powerful, fully functional, corporate, online multilevel marketing software package that has been tested over many years on standard PC’s.  The standard MarketPowerPRO will do everything a start-up Unilevel or matrix based MLM company needs, from distributor data entry to the printing of genealogies, posting of period ending checks, reconciliation of year end accounting, and generation of 1099’s.


What can MultiSoft do for your company?  A multipurpose service company, MultiSoft can help your firm get its product or service on the market fast and cost effectively via the multilevel marketing method.


MultiSoft’s primary expertise is computer software and data processing services for MLM companies. With over 26+ years experience in research and development, MultiSoft has created a growing library of off-the-shelf program enhancement modules that can get MLM companies up and running within days. MultiSoft can help them escape the pitfalls experienced by most MLM start-up companies.


Accurate and fast data processing for a new company is the single most important element for building longevity. It’s a necessity that must be in place before an MLM company receives its first order. MultiSoft can help your firm escape the pitfalls experienced by most processing fees, hardware prices and outrageous software prices.


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Oct 042012

Experience my PRIVATE “Soup 2 Nuts” Workshop
US$2,000 Value for only $399!
(at our offices in: Florida & Philippines)

Together we will actually build your new MLM business, from the ground floor up, and launch it right before your eyes.

We will…

• Build and deploy your Corporate Website
• Add a replicated Distributor Back-Office
• Add products and assign commission values
• Discuss your momentum building Pre-launch
• Discuss your Founding Distributor program

You’ll learn everything from industry experts … from “Soup 2 Nuts”.

My one-day “Soup 2 Nuts” approach will clearly define each step that you need to take to be successful, the milestones that will measure your progress and how you can avoid the pitfalls that so many others have encountered in the past.

How do I do it?

Our company MultiSoft Corporation has been servicing the direct sales and MLM industries for over 25 years. We have experience in the industry from a distributor, a company owner, a vendor and regulatory perspectives.

Our team goal is to make your dream a reality! We will draw on our own 25+ years of experience as the leading industry software vendor, and our products and services will be used to illustrate the concepts covered in this extensive one-of-a-kind workshop.

I will show you hands-on how it is done… and you can expect more than hype laden motivational speaking!

I’ll show you how to “do it right”… the first time!

My interest is in helping you succeed and ensuring that you can be the best that you can be. Join me for a walk down the path to success!

My one-day “Soup 2 Nuts” consulting workshop will be custom tailored YOUR specific needs. Each of the topics offered can be covered in as much detail as you require – you and I will build the curriculum to suit your specific needs.

Your time spent will be hands-on and action packed.

My consulting is not about my own self edification, it’s about ensuring that you gain the knowledge necessary to be successful in a highly competitive industry.

If you are looking for solid advice from a seasoned industry professional, you are going to absolutely love my one-day “Soup 2 Nuts” consulting workshop!

My MarketPowerPRO Corporate Software book will be included FREE!

Download the Brochure to see what you’ll receive on your Private Day of Consulting!



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Sep 182012

Call Scripts are critical!

Call Scripts are critical because they maintain control and keep the presentation focused towards the intended end goal.  If we depend on the experience of our “expert employees”, the net results will most often be unsatisfactory!
Maybe 10% of your employees are capable and could be left to improvise, but the other 90% will always do better with a formal script, created and updated daily from successful employees feedback.
If left to their own devices the 90% will invariably say… “The script won’t work”, and that “they hate canned scripts”, but the fact is they’ll always attain a higher number of commitments with a script, than without one… providing of course they have a well crafted script.
A carefully planned and constantly updated script will provide you with valuable data that can be used in the training of employees and statistical analysis that can be used for many different uses.
May 222012

Since the beginning of creation and the first exchange of goods or services there has been a burning desire to succeed in one form of business or another that has overtaken many aspiring entrepreneurs.

The nature of business and industry has evolved over time and now Internet marketing is the hottest trend since sliced bread. Not everyone succeeds, but for those with experience, or a little insight, the rewards can be amazing.

Making money online doesn’t have to be hard. Yes, like anything, it does require determination, focus, and some luck, but if you apply the right methods, success can be as easy as 1-2-3.

For example, here are three basic steps for online success:

1. Establish a method or system to reach the masses with your sales message
2. Find a product or service that is in demand
3. Maintain a built-in process that will produce a steady, residual income

There are some stringent guidelines for choosing the right opportunity, asking the right questions before hand, and verifying the antecedents of the company that one wishes to join. Listed below are a few of the most important guidelines to follow:

The quickest way to assess a company’s health is to view the amount of time they have been in work. Certainly any company that has more than 6 years in the business with proven financial records is a company that may be worth looking into. If you are lucky enough to find a company with approximately 5 to 6 years in the industry, as well as a strong product line, you should join as soon as possible. This is the stage of a company where the business structures are starting to mature, and revenues often are about to boom.

The product longevity is also very important, and any health and wellness item is a good choice with regard to longevity, as it will remain a strong item for years to come. If the company product is based on technology or something similar which might be interpreted to be short term, look very carefully before investing your own funds.

You can spend a lifetime trying to obtain the necessary experience. Or you can save that time and effort by learning from others who have already paved the way. The challenge is, of course, in finding a marketing “expert” to guide you.

I am not a marketing “expert” myself. Over the years, however, I have picked up some valuable marketing insight and experience. Let me share with you the basis for my philosophy in life and marketing success.

I truly believe that success in network marketing lies in helping others. It is definitely a mutual relationship. The sense of personal achievement is much greater when you help others, and the financial rewards are much more drastic and meaningful.

Today, everyone is looking to find Internet marketing success from the comfort of their own home. Those who achieve it the quickest are the ones who find a good product, establish a system to reach the masses, and then develop a means to duplicate themselves. It’s that simple.

Making money online can be very easy, if done the right way.

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